Hi 👋 We are a design agency specialising in user experience and brand identity.


Goal-oriented vision & data-driven focus. We are a user champion who advocates honest and intuitive designs.


Razlan Hanafiah

While his true passion lies in branding and user interface design, his portfolio is not limited to a fixed medium. Beyond aesthetics, he believes design can transform lives and people deserves delightful user experience across all medium.

As an entrepreneur, Razlan understands the value of people, collaboration and open communication. Years of experience have enabled him to dive into stakeholders’ and users’ requirements and propose optimal and creative solutions while understanding business, design and technical considerations.

Razlan surrounds himself with great and interesting people via professional design and tech communities especially in the startup ecosystem. These relationships help him to improve continuously.

Aina Azmi

Born and raised in Malaysia, with a lineage of Chinese, Malay & Indian, she is brought up with a firm belief on creativity and growth. Harnessed her creativity since 2006 and has been contributing through designs for businesses/startups locally & globally.

Being able to contribute towards positive development through design is what keeps her passion for creativity alive. Constantly inspired by the foundation of IDEO and all relevant icons in her list, she strives to spread the awareness and fun of practising design methods whether for studies, productivity, community, businesses, or even growth within an organisation.

She is a strong advocate of design sprint and passionate about engaging with community through mentoring or training.